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Andritz AG is an Austrian plant engineering group with headquarters in Graz. The group gets its name from the district of Andritz in which it is located and is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Chaos, lack of communication, very slow to plan, slow to change, politics and jockeying for power behind the scenes are interfering with normal business operations."

Current Employee - Machinist says

"NEPUTISUM . I know of FOUR father and son, of all the shop hands I can only think of three guys that is not related out of about 30-40 people. Also related to most of the office people. Especially the new hires. Except machinist, a head hunting service are them. Witch lie about ur pay will be. Furthermore , asking about it will only make them mad"

Former Employee - Business Office Manager says

"no future in this spot"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Be little more transparent in HR policies"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no money, lack of quality management benefits sub- par"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The top managers are very very arrogant and mean to employees. They curse at employees and yells at them during team meetings. They are very bad managers. will not listen to suggestioins. There is a lot of people leaving because work place is so bad, and some projects have many different project managers before they are complete. Customers do not seem happy, and are holding payments many times. Moral is bad and not a good place to work."

Current Employee - Machinist says

"Management is not organized. No communication."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There seems to be a breakdown in trust between management and workshop personnel. I would say its quite toxic. Management doesn't seem to care what workshop personnel say and some of the workshop personnel who've worked there for many years can be quite difficult to work with."

Former Employee - Project Engineer says

"Politics Treating their subordinates very worst Very less pay and increments No value for the Harwork There is no Work life balance"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"These were also many ..Worst one is unprofessional Managers , Selfish Managers because jobs in Andritz is very unsecure you dnt know when you get fired . Manager are like you never seen in any company they are professional good in showing big dreams but you know the facts and reality after spending or once you stuck . I been in this company full time more than 5 years . In many areas you dnt find any work ..just you have to pretend yourself you are too busy . Variable portion is also vary within same team ..if you are in good books of your manager you will get full advantage ."

Fitter/Welder (Former Employee) says

"Andritz as a company should be held to a higher standard. But there's no point in even saying anything they don't have HR in house so there's no one to go to when the ship starts sinking and sadly our captain was a bald big headed idiot. If you have any sort of morals ... Don't work at andritz"

CAD Designer (Former Employee) says

"It is a multinational company that only thinks about profit. No more. You're just some slaves, just a number and so on. When it is no longer working you are immediately licensed. There is no job security. You are constantly monitored, checked by the Big Brother, so a permanent stress, in what you talk, what you do, and how you behave. Run, run, run, do not accept any job at this company. The culture of the company is to constantly blame you for finding yourself guilty of everything. Run, run, and run. You are supervised by bosses who do not know what they are talking about and for them are only slaves and so on. The bosses are rude and the management of the staff is a disaster. Don't even think about working for this company. Run, Run, Run.No prosThere is no job security. You are constantly monitored, checked by the Big Brother"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"i'm sick to my stomach working in this company. very unorganized very poor management. Toxic both people and surroundings. management don't care about there employees total bias. salary is not worth it for the heavy job, fake office people fake work mates. management will treat you like animal, they will force your to sign some paper works just to make them look good. what a place to work. air quality in this place is very poor so many toxic materials all around the place, very unhealthy work place. 3 rotating work shifts schedule is very unhealthy.... salary is very low some guys got 20 cents raise a year. place stay away!!!"

Quality Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Manager is a liar. He’ll tell you whatever he thinks you want to hear without thinking. No training provided. No advancement opportunities. If you’re serious about a career, do not work here."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"most of the mgmt people filled recently either from overseas or India are just liabilities with only excessive pay packages. Extreme lobby ism prevalent. mostly now manipulators filled and Austrian top mgmnt is totally blind of what is actually happening and needed for the sustenance of the company"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Cons: Andritz hydro is a profit driven company run by a dictator, where employees are scared all the time and under lots of pressure. There is no company culture. In order for you to be valued and possibly appreciated, you have to be a yes man/woman and by working as a will even get yelled at and treated like an incompetent if you oppose management view. If you are in execution, you got a bonus plan, if you are in sales you don't. Offices look like a 1980 set-up. Pros: The employees working there are amazing and fun to work with, but unfortunately no one is happy...sad vibe. Conclusion: don't apply there and look for a job somewhere else!!!!! where the culture is all about: 1) their employees 2) customer-focus 3) management are leaders and not bosses."

Finisher (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for six years. Supervisors do not communicate. They never have enough help to handle 1000 lb material. Be prepared to protect your backZPay is goodManagement is not"

PRODUCTION GENERALIST (Former Employee) says

"Andritz Peterborough is a terrible place to work. Very poor management!!! They don't understand what "quality" means. They treat manufacturing employees poorly, they are overworked and pushed into unsafe conditions by foreman. Employees work in high temperatures with poor air circulation.There is very high employee turn around. Just not a nice place to work.PaychequeMandatory overtime, ends up 6 day work weeks for a year. No life and complete exhaustion"

ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance or consideration to employees who look out for the company's best interest or bottom line. No loyalty due to poor leadership in Canada and the internal struggle to become the overall head of the Canadian division. This company has too many internal competing interests and policies to be successful. They are so risk adverse that it gets in the way of successful projects and ends up destroying customer relationships and future business.Good payNot are just a number."

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"terrible training lots of favouritism going on management sucks they think they are better than everyone pay isn't that great some of the worker were oknonterrible management"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Avoid this mess of a company. Management is immature, unprofessional and deceitful. The production workers are great though. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!"

C.N.C Machinist and programmer Toshiba and doosan (Former Employee) says

"Andritz Delta service center is cheat company, If you are the highly skilled machinist and you can do cnc programming your self with or with out master cam then they find some mistake on your work and they give suspension with out pay, They treat you always you are dump, never ever trust the people working there for long time. Andritz delta service centre not have any standard, USW union act as a mafia USW steal your money from your pay check and help for inefficient management. very very worst workplace culture. I recommend any body do not go to that place . I you have no choice, go management side you can enjoy the little relax life like Chinese project managers.some time B.B.QALWAYS warning letters and suspension"

Customer Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management has so many meetings that you can’t reach anyone when you need to. No direction. Sales people have no accountability and sit on their behinds in their remote homes. Hardworking people get fired because of it and when they want you gone they’ll increase your workload without pay and fire you for “poor performance”. Bunch of crooks.You’re left alone.Management."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"lots of favouritism there poor management lack of support employees are friends with bosses they talk behind everyones backs they give you no supportits a jobtwo faced people"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I totally agree with all posts. It seems that every other division in the company, except the Brantford, Ontario location, has the values, commitment and fairness that every prospective employee is looking for. Unfortunately, the post about the Brantford, Ontario location could not be more true. The shop manager is uneducated, who sulks and holds grudges and has an immature temper. The upper management is all about ego and are the most two-faced bunch of individuals I have ever worked for. Turnover is outrageous. I am embarrassed to say I ever worked for them. I found a much better job, higher pay and better respect. If you want to work great hours, good benefits but be miserable....then this place is for you. Buyer beware as they say!!good hours, good benefitsShop Manager, Lack of Respect, Upper Management, Micro Managers, Shop Manager and Shop Manager"

ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"Fellow employees: There are some good people working here Management: With very few exceptions, The management team should be poster material - for "Idiots on parade".Leaving for home at 5:00pmWalking in the door at 8:00am"

Millwright (Former Employee) says

"Where do I start? I have never seen a more poorly managed company in my life. Management is totally incompetent and they couldn't organize a booze-up in a brewery even if they tried. Everything is micro managed and the shop manager doesn't know his head from a hole in the ground. The amount of disrespect that happens here on a daily basis is just unfathomable. Not to mention the most ignorant and disrespectful co-workers possible. Pointing fingers seems to be everyone's strength at Andritz DRT. Don't expect to learn anything here because no one will communicate with you or tell you anything. No one will even say hello to you! They expect you to read minds and figure out things for yourself. And, if you do screw up or make a mistake because no one wanted to take the time to show you properly, they'll shove you out the door like they did to me. "Oh...we're recession..." whatever.... Me quitting my previous job to take this one was a huge mistake. Working here was total waste of time for me and my career. I don't recommend this company to anyone! Applicants be warned! The only enjoyment that I got was when I got to punch out.The social committeemanagement or lack of proper management."

CNC operator (Current Employee) says

"Werk zelfstandig Werk in 4 ploegen Werk al 25 jaar bij zelfde baas dus trouw En ga goed met collega's om"


"This was a temporary position, ordering parts for machinary."

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Management is week. No rules are valid for more than one year."